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How to Find an Excellent Immigration Attorney in NYC?

Immigration laws are complex, but you do not have to navigate them on your own. You can hire an experienced immigration attorney in NYC for assistance. However, not all immigration attorneys are the same. Some are more experienced, with a higher success rate than others. But how can you tell which expert to trust and hire? Here are some factors to look into: Verify credentials and expertise – Make sure that the person is an actual immigration attorney in NYC and not merely a paralegal, visa consultant, or notary public. Look them up and verify their credentials with the state bar association and AILA (American Immigration Lawyers’ Association). Immigration specialization – Consider an immigration attorney that specializes in immigration and other related issues, including immigrant and non-immigrant visas, citizenship, and asylum. Years of experience – Verify that the immigration attorney in NYC has many years o

Trump Administration Asks the Supreme Court to Pass the Immigrant “Public Charge” Rule

With the Supreme Court ruling 5-4, in favor of the proposed “Public Charge” rule, the administration can now begin enforcing new policies that penalize and hurt the chances of immigrants, likely to rely on public programs like Medicaid and food stamps to attain permanent legal residency status in the US. This is especially relevant because the ruling on “Public Charge’s” legality isn’t yet final, but the recent Supreme Court vote allows its policies to take effect as the courts decide further. A huge victory for the Trump administration, this rule makes it much more difficult for immigrants, especially low-income ones to change their immigration status, get a green card, or attain citizenship. Those who feel they are going to be impacted by the proposed law are advised to seek counsel from an immigration lawyer in Manhattan NY to understand its implications on a deeper level.                  The 5-4 vote on “Public Charge” sets aside a ruling made by a federal judge to block t

Benefits of Getting in Touch with Immigration Law Firms for Your Case

Immigration law constitutes a complex array of policies, legislation, and rules that can be difficult to comprehend, especially when you do not have the proper education, training, and knowledge. This is where immigration law firms in NYC come into play. The services of immigration lawyers are essential, especially for immigration hopefuls who may be having issues with their citizenship application. The benefits of using an immigration lawyer to help with your case are many, beginning with proper guidance on how to prepare and process your initial application and your succeeding petitions. Documentation requirements for immigration and citizenship can be lengthy, tedious, and confusing. This is why getting in touch with immigration law firms in NYC is crucial so you can take advantage of their extensive experience and expertise in preparing proper documentation and presenting your case in the strongest possible light, hence increasing your chances of success down the line.