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The Valued Opinion Of A US Judge On The Relief Program For ‘Dreamer’ Immigrants

 If you migrated to the US when you were a child, your parents or guardian might have worked hard to ensure that you have the opportunity to have a better life in the country. On December 22, 2020, a coalition that is made up of nine states and led by Texas had urged a federal judge to invalidate the program that grants immigrants brought to the US as children the ability to work and live in the country. It was stated while a court hearing was in session in Houston. As per the states, the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program was unlawfully created in 2012 by the then-President Barack Obama. That should cause problems with ‘Dreamers’ or the almost 650,000 people who are the program’s beneficiaries.  You may already know from your family immigration lawyer in New York that DACA protects you from deportation and allows you to work and have access to other privileges, such as a driver’s license and financial aid for education. Since its creation, the program has survived

Details on How the New US President’s Team Prepares to Revamp the US Refugee Admissions Program

 During the Trump administration as policies were set to limit the number of refugees who can enter the US. However, Joe Biden, the new president, has pledged to change the annual refugee admissions, capping it at 125,000. But before anything else, his team must deal with the damage and other issues left behind by the former administration. The refugee cap mandates the number of refugees who may be admitted to the United States. Only the president can approve it, but where it has typically been perceived as an end-goal, the actual number of refugees who were admitted had fallen short while Trump was the president. In 2020, the administration set the cap only at 15,000, which is the lowest since 1980. Immigration law firms in NYC can explain to you how the refugee cap is set. Every year, the administration determines how many refugees may be allowed in the US. The number has been generally high, although it fluctuated as influenced by world events.  Director of policy and practice as R