Trump Administration Asks the Supreme Court to Pass the Immigrant “Public Charge” Rule

With the Supreme Court ruling 5-4, in favor of the proposed “Public Charge” rule, the administration can now begin enforcing new policies that penalize and hurt the chances of immigrants, likely to rely on public programs like Medicaid and food stamps to attain permanent legal residency status in the US. This is especially relevant because the ruling on “Public Charge’s” legality isn’t yet final, but the recent Supreme Court vote allows its policies to take effect as the courts decide further. A huge victory for the Trump administration, this rule makes it much more difficult for immigrants, especially low-income ones to change their immigration status, get a green card, or attain citizenship. Those who feel they are going to be impacted by the proposed law are advised to seek counsel from an immigration lawyer in Manhattan NY to understand its implications on a deeper level.
The 5-4 vote on “Public Charge” sets aside a ruling made by a federal judge to block the proposed regulation while merits of the case are still being argued in the lower courts. This new rule dramatically expands the definition of “public charge” (economic burdens on society), which gives USCIS officials more power to deny green card and visa applications from immigrants as well as prospective immigrants whom the ruling determines to be likely to rely on public benefits such as government housing programs, health insurance, and food stamps.

Consulting with an immigration lawyer in Brooklyn NY will help you better defend your rights as an immigrant in the wake of this fast-progressing law. An immigration lawyer in NYC can help you navigate the technicalities of the ever-evolving immigration policies that impact your chances of attaining the immigrant status, permanent residency, or perhaps citizenship that you desire as you strive toward your American Dream.


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