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What are the Efforts by the New US President to Reunite Separated Families?

  Many families were separated by the Trump administration’s ban on the entry of foreign nationals.   Perhaps you even found yourself seeking an immigration attorney in New York to protect your family’s right to asylum if you were affected by this ban. But there’s reason to be optimistic. With a new president, there’s also new hope.   In his first week as President, Joe Biden made sweeping legislative proposals and new immigration policy reversals. As per attorneys and advocates, his attempts to undo the previous administration’s most controversial policies—such as family separations at borders—may be the most challenging.   The policy—which separated children and infants from parents and relatives who crossed US borders without permission—was referred to by Biden as a ‘moral failing’. He promised to immediately halt the prosecution of parents for the minor immigration violations that led to their family’s separation. If you were separated from your family because of this p

New Pres Biden Seeks to Change ‘Alien’ With Less ‘Dehumanizing Term’ in Immigration Laws

  When applying for US citizenship, you are likely to encounter the term ‘alien’, which essentially refers to you as a ‘foreigner.’ President Biden is aiming to replace this word with something less dehumanizing as he seeks to make positive changes to US immigration laws. As per Representative Joaquin Castro, it may be a symbolic change, yet it is a critical step to restoring humanity in the immigration process. When this change along with other changes take effect, be sure to talk to your immigration lawyer in New York to understand how they impact your status.   President Joe Biden is pushing for an immigration reform bill and proposed to have ‘alien’ removed from US immigration jargon. He wants is replaced with the word, ‘noncitizen’. It is a significant departure from the Trump administration’s verbiage, which encouraged the dehumanizing term. The bill also aims to provide an eight-year path to citizenship for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program recipients, a

Know About the Large Number of Immigrant Asylum Re-Entering the States

  The ‘Remain in Mexico’ program of the Trump administration deprived asylum seekers of a chance to enter the US and apply for citizenship. The program dramatically restricted access to asylum and deterred Latin American migrants from seeking refuge in the US. But things are changing. Positive developments are expected under the current administration. Talk to an asylum lawyer in New York for advice if these changes affect you or someone you know.   The new direction set by President Biden is allowing border officials to start processing the pending cases of around 26,000 people who are still waiting in Mexico under Trump’s program known as MPP (Migrant Protection Protocols). In January, President Biden also ordered a pause on placing new asylum seekers under the ‘Remain in Mexico’ program. This pause does not end the program for those who are already waiting in Mexico, however.     The US State Department referred to the initial processing of returnees as the ‘drawdown,’ a wo

Fresh Information from the US Border Post: New President Overturns Trump Immigration Policy

  A group of asylum seekers were recently allowed entry into the US, a move that represents President Biden’s rejection of the previous Trump administration’s border policy. The group was chosen from tens of thousands of hopefuls who were forced by the Trump administration to wait in Mexico while their asylum applications were being processed. During the previous administration, a policy known as ‘Remain in Mexico’, often called one of the most controversial border measures in history was strictly enforced.   For the handful of lucky asylum seekers who were picked, this is a fresh start. They are considered the most vulnerable, so they were given priority. If you or someone you know are looking to move to the US legally, you will want some help from a competent New York immigration lawyer who is constantly up-to-date with the latest border policies. The Biden administration is gradually clearing the backlog that has accumulated in the Tijuana border. The objective is to process