How to Find an Excellent Immigration Attorney in NYC?

Immigration laws are complex, but you do not have to navigate them on your own. You can hire an experienced immigration attorney in NYC for assistance. However, not all immigration attorneys are the same. Some are more experienced, with a higher success rate than others. But how can you tell which expert to trust and hire? Here are some factors to look into:

  • Verify credentials and expertise – Make sure that the person is an actual immigration attorney in NYC and not merely a paralegal, visa consultant, or notary public. Look them up and verify their credentials with the state bar association and AILA (American Immigration Lawyers’ Association).

  • Immigration specialization – Consider an immigration attorney that specializes in immigration and other related issues, including immigrant and non-immigrant visas, citizenship, and asylum.

  • Years of experience – Verify that the immigration attorney in NYC has many years of experience in dealing with many aspects of immigration law. Longevity in practice is a good indicator of their expertise and ability to effectively navigate complicated immigration matters.

  • Credibility – Lawyers can claim that they are trusted by their clients, but be sure to verify that by looking into their reputation and ensuring that they have robust relationships with their customers. Look up client testimonials to get an idea on how they were able to help their other clients and if they were successful in doing so. You can also ask them for references, but take the time to verify them.

  • Book a consultation – Arrange a no-obligation consultation with an immigration attorney in NYC to get to know them better. This is also an opportunity for you to ask them questions and gauge how helpful they are with their answers. Likewise, determine if you are comfortable in talking to them, as it is important for you to feel confident in your lawyer and feel that you can trust them.


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