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Handling of Immigration Laws - A Look at Joe Biden's 100 Days

  Biden proved that “he was not Donald Trump.” This is what many political analysts say when asked to evaluate the president’s handling of immigration issues in his first three months in office.   During his first 100 days in the White House, Biden stopped border wall construction and put an end to a number of Trump-era policies, most notably extensive restrictions on green cards.   But for all his progress, the president has also kept several of the immigration changes made by his predecessor, including the asylum limits at the US-Mexico border and low cap on refugees. He has also yet to fulfil a number of immigration-related campaign promises, such as ending for-profit detention and withdrawing Trump’s rule on disqualifying victims of domestic and gang violence from asylum.   Despite these immigration missteps, Biden’s approval ratings are currently in the low to mid 50s—which is rather high for a chief executive who is making an effort to unify the deeply divided United