US to Receive New Petitions for H-1B Visas from August 2

From August 2, 2021, the US will start accepting new petitions for H-1B visas, particularly the registrations accepted early from the week prior by applying a random selection process to meet the cap for the fiscal year 2022. Over 308,000 applications were received by the US immigration agency in June 2021 during the initial registration period for the H-1B work permit for 2022. That is a 12.5 percent increase over this year. So far, 87,500 applicants have been picked to receive their high technology work permit.   The selection processes   USCIS used historical data related to denials, approvals, revocations, and other significant factors to determine the number of registrations to meet the H-1B cap for the fiscal year. They added that they needed to pick additional registrations to reach the targeted number.   It’s important to note that USCIS follows the October to September financial year, so they will continue to accept fresh petitions until November 3.   That said

Everything You Need to Know About Kamala Harris' Trip for Stemming Migration to the US!

Surges of migrants from Central America have been steadily going to the US border in hopes to flee corruption and poverty. The Biden administration is now under pressure to stem the arrivals. When President Joe Biden started making significant changes to border and immigration policies, many migrants took it as a sign that it’s okay for them to start migrating to the US. This caused many hopefuls from certain countries; particularly El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to come in droves. In response, Vice President Kamala Harris announced that these individuals need to be discouraged from making that arduous journey to the US border. She said this in a joint news conference with Alejandro Giammattei, the President of Guatemala, during a three-day diplomatic trip to the Northern Triangle. Vice-President Harris also announced new steps to fight corruption, smuggling, and human trafficking in Guatemala. According to her, she and President Biden agreed to continue their efforts in ma

Handling of Immigration Laws - A Look at Joe Biden's 100 Days

  Biden proved that “he was not Donald Trump.” This is what many political analysts say when asked to evaluate the president’s handling of immigration issues in his first three months in office.   During his first 100 days in the White House, Biden stopped border wall construction and put an end to a number of Trump-era policies, most notably extensive restrictions on green cards.   But for all his progress, the president has also kept several of the immigration changes made by his predecessor, including the asylum limits at the US-Mexico border and low cap on refugees. He has also yet to fulfil a number of immigration-related campaign promises, such as ending for-profit detention and withdrawing Trump’s rule on disqualifying victims of domestic and gang violence from asylum.   Despite these immigration missteps, Biden’s approval ratings are currently in the low to mid 50s—which is rather high for a chief executive who is making an effort to unify the deeply divided United

Biden Administration Proposes 18-Month Delay in Calculating Prevailing Wages of H-1B and Other Visas

Working with a H1B visa lawyer in NYC is recommended to avoid any problems with your application. It also ensures that you are up-to-date with the latest policies and updates, which may affect your chances of being able to work temporarily in the US. One of the things you should know is the proposed 18-month delay in calculating the prevailing wages of the H1B visas and other relevant visas. This delay should provide enough time for the Department Labor to thoroughly go over the policy and legal issues of the rule.   The delay was proposed by the Biden Administration in the effective date of the final rule for calculating the prevailing wages of certain non-immigrant workers and immigrants, including those seeking the H-1B visas. It should also enable the Department of Labor to issue an upcoming Request for Information and acquire public comments on the methods and sources for determining prevailing requests. A NY H1B lawyer should be up-to-date on the official release and its det

What are the Efforts by the New US President to Reunite Separated Families?

  Many families were separated by the Trump administration’s ban on the entry of foreign nationals.   Perhaps you even found yourself seeking an immigration attorney in New York to protect your family’s right to asylum if you were affected by this ban. But there’s reason to be optimistic. With a new president, there’s also new hope.   In his first week as President, Joe Biden made sweeping legislative proposals and new immigration policy reversals. As per attorneys and advocates, his attempts to undo the previous administration’s most controversial policies—such as family separations at borders—may be the most challenging.   The policy—which separated children and infants from parents and relatives who crossed US borders without permission—was referred to by Biden as a ‘moral failing’. He promised to immediately halt the prosecution of parents for the minor immigration violations that led to their family’s separation. If you were separated from your family because of this p

New Pres Biden Seeks to Change ‘Alien’ With Less ‘Dehumanizing Term’ in Immigration Laws

  When applying for US citizenship, you are likely to encounter the term ‘alien’, which essentially refers to you as a ‘foreigner.’ President Biden is aiming to replace this word with something less dehumanizing as he seeks to make positive changes to US immigration laws. As per Representative Joaquin Castro, it may be a symbolic change, yet it is a critical step to restoring humanity in the immigration process. When this change along with other changes take effect, be sure to talk to your immigration lawyer in New York to understand how they impact your status.   President Joe Biden is pushing for an immigration reform bill and proposed to have ‘alien’ removed from US immigration jargon. He wants is replaced with the word, ‘noncitizen’. It is a significant departure from the Trump administration’s verbiage, which encouraged the dehumanizing term. The bill also aims to provide an eight-year path to citizenship for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program recipients, a

Know About the Large Number of Immigrant Asylum Re-Entering the States

  The ‘Remain in Mexico’ program of the Trump administration deprived asylum seekers of a chance to enter the US and apply for citizenship. The program dramatically restricted access to asylum and deterred Latin American migrants from seeking refuge in the US. But things are changing. Positive developments are expected under the current administration. Talk to an asylum lawyer in New York for advice if these changes affect you or someone you know.   The new direction set by President Biden is allowing border officials to start processing the pending cases of around 26,000 people who are still waiting in Mexico under Trump’s program known as MPP (Migrant Protection Protocols). In January, President Biden also ordered a pause on placing new asylum seekers under the ‘Remain in Mexico’ program. This pause does not end the program for those who are already waiting in Mexico, however.     The US State Department referred to the initial processing of returnees as the ‘drawdown,’ a wo