Fresh Information from the US Border Post: New President Overturns Trump Immigration Policy


A group of asylum seekers were recently allowed entry into the US, a move that represents President Biden’s rejection of the previous Trump administration’s border policy. The group was chosen from tens of thousands of hopefuls who were forced by the Trump administration to wait in Mexico while their asylum applications were being processed. During the previous administration, a policy known as ‘Remain in Mexico’, often called one of the most controversial border measures in history was strictly enforced.


For the handful of lucky asylum seekers who were picked, this is a fresh start. They are considered the most vulnerable, so they were given priority.

If you or someone you know are looking to move to the US legally, you will want some help from a competent New York immigration lawyer who is constantly up-to-date with the latest border policies. The Biden administration is gradually clearing the backlog that has accumulated in the Tijuana border. The objective is to process a few hundred immigrants daily and send them on their way to certain areas across America to await their court date.


Since President Biden’s first day in office, he initiated a completely different approach to immigration than what Trump did. Overturning the ‘Remain in Mexico’ program is among his latest efforts. Only 25 people may have been permitted as of February 2021, but it is a critical step. Immigration firms in NYC may be able to offer further assistance if you or someone you know is seeking asylum in the US during this time.


President Biden is also insisting on changing some terms as used in immigration laws from ‘alien’ to ‘non-citizen’. He uses ‘non-citizen’ rather than ‘illegal immigrant’ in his messaging and he is encouraging immigration officials to do the same.


The new administration’s immigration legislation is already facing opposition in Washington. Practical problems have also started to show; for example, many asylum seekers cannot complete the required paperwork because they don't have access to the internet. Immigration activists are also saying that they are receiving mixed messages. The current president’s “softer tone” is giving hope to would-be migrants, but the White House has insisted that policies are still the same and the border is still closed. It’s best to talk to a New York immigration lawyer to understand how the changes may affect your case.


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