Details on How the New US President’s Team Prepares to Revamp the US Refugee Admissions Program

 During the Trump administration as policies were set to limit the number of refugees who can enter the US. However, Joe Biden, the new president, has pledged to change the annual refugee admissions, capping it at 125,000. But before anything else, his team must deal with the damage and other issues left behind by the former administration.

The refugee cap mandates the number of refugees who may be admitted to the United States. Only the president can approve it, but where it has typically been perceived as an end-goal, the actual number of refugees who were admitted had fallen short while Trump was the president. In 2020, the administration set the cap only at 15,000, which is the lowest since 1980.

Immigration law firms in NYC can explain to you how the refugee cap is set. Every year, the administration determines how many refugees may be allowed in the US. The number has been generally high, although it fluctuated as influenced by world events. 

Director of policy and practice as Refugee Council USA, Danielle Grigsby, said that the program Biden is inheriting will require both an early investment and political will to overturn those policies and allow it to function as intended and as it can. One of Biden’s commitments may be to restore the US immigration system, but transition officials cautioned that the deed may take time consider the number of policy changes Trump made in the last four years.

Eventually, immigration law firms in NYC may be busier as the Biden administration makes changes to the US refugee admissions program. The Department of Homeland Security also has a role in the process of building up the refugee admissions as they work with the Biden team. The acting secretary of Homeland Security said that his department is sharing information to the Biden-Harris transition team to help them assess the things that must be fixed.


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