Consult a Family Immigration Lawyer in NY for Issues with Children Detained Due To COVID-19


The coronavirus pandemic did not just affect the health and safety of people everywhere. It also had a negative impact on immigrant children. If you have children coming to the US to be with you, consider consulting with your marriage green card lawyer for advice to prevent them from being detained by Border Patrol or kept in hotel rooms without any companion. With help from an immigration lawyer, you can ensure safe and smoother migration for your kids.


Why children are being detained


Since March 2020, migrant children were being detained unaccompanied in hotel rooms instead of being brought to youth shelters designed to accommodate them. Border agents placed at least 577 of them in hotel rooms before they were expelled from the US. That means the kids were not even given any immigration protection or allowed to request asylum. As per the Trump administration, that was done with consideration to public health. However, advocates for immigrants have slammed the practice.


An appeals court has left an order requiring the US to stop using hotels to detain children. However, your children may still be at risk. In that case, consider hiring an immigration lawyer in Queens for assistance.


Why you need a lawyer


It is best to have a marriage green card lawyer work for you and assist your children’s migration to the US. Immigration law itself can be complicated, and it changes occasionally. One wrong move and you could compromise the approval of your children’s visas. An immigration lawyer in Queens will ensure a smoother process of migrating your family to the US by helping you avoid problems with border security. Moreover, they can ensure that your children can be treated fairly and safely while observing COVID-19 quarantine and safety measures when they come to the US. So, be sure to get in touch with a competent and experienced immigration lawyer as soon as you can, preferably before you bring your kids to the US.


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